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If you’re like me, you have tons of motivation to lose weight, but you don’t have the proper tools. My issue has always been that I’ve had trouble sticking to a specific diet; counting calories and doing an allotted amount of exercise is just too much work for me. What’s been working for me for the past couple of weeks is knowing a few little tips and tricks that I can utilize. I’ve collected these from various websites, and I hope they’re helpful for you too.

1. Keep yourself busy! Now this one was pretty obvious. If you sit around, you eat, and that’s my biggest problem. So start a blog, exercise, do a craft, knit, paint, play an instrument, go on errands, do ANYTHING that prevents you from eating.

2. Take advantage of diet drinks. Yeah, I know that diet drinks aren’t the best for you, but what choice do you have? I like Coke Zero the best. I drink diet pop when I need something sweet and it saves my butt.

3. Brush your teeth or put on lip gloss. Works like a charm, unless you’re really hungry or something. I hate hate HATE messing up my lipgloss, and brushing my teeth kills my appetite, so if you want to eat but know you really shouldn’t, this is super helpful.

4. Watch reality shows about weight loss or models. Unfortunately, I only have basic cable, so I can’t do this right now, but “The Face” is coming out soon and I really want to watch it. America’s Top Model, Biggest Loser, those kind of shows are great for motivation. I’ll probably start watching them online.

5. Use the 2-4-6-8 diet. Now this is a pro-ana diet, and obviously not very healthy. I don’t use this because I hate counting calories, but it’s supposed to work. I don’t want to explain it here, so google it if you don’t already know what it is. Instead, I just keep an eye on calories, fat, and carbs, and I don’t eat anything that has too much of any of those.

6. Drink cold water constantly. Ice cold water burns more calories, and it gives you something to do instead of eating. I was good about this for the first few days, but then I started to lag. I need to start up again. I really do think it helps. And besides, water is GREAT for you.

7. Chew gum or crunch ice. Sugarless gum is yummy and great to distract you. Unless you’re like me, and keep putting pieces in your mouth until the whole pack is gone. I haven’t tried crunching ice, but it’s supposed to work well. It has the same idea as gum – occupy your mouth so you don’t eat.

8. Do or watch something gross when you’re hungry. Gross yourself out! Watch My Strange Addiction, clean a toilet, anything to make you sick to your stomach. I have to remember this one!

9. Eat in solitary or in front of a mirror. If you eat in front of the TV, you’ll eat more. If you have a special place where you eat, eating becomes much more of a hassle. I don’t utilize this one, but I should. You can also eat in front of a mirror to gross yourself out. Eating really is gross.

10. Eat what you crave in moderation. This has saved my butt so many times. This works good for people who have moderately good self-control. I always ask my family for a bite of something that looks good to me, and that way it deals with my cravings. Now, this won’t work if having one bite will make you want a ton more. You have to decide if one bite or nothing at all will work better for you.

11. Get plenty of sleep, and sleep through meals. Now, I know that sleeping burns less calories, but for me the no-eating benefit makes this worth it. I sleep as much as I possibly can, and on the weekends I like to sleep through breakfast and lunch so my parents don’t make me eat anything. If you wake up at one, they’ll buy the “I’m not hungry” excuse.

12. Lower your house’s temperature and take cold showers. Once again, being cold burns more calories, so if you’re in charge of the thermostat in your house, make your house cold! If not, showering cold works well too. I also find that I’m less likely to eat when I’m cold, so try this!

13. Take small bites and chew well. This one is obvious. All the diets tell you to do this. It takes a half hour to know you’re full, so the slower you eat, the better. Put your fork down between bites and enjoy your food when you have it.

14. Drink hot beverages – especially green tea! Green tea is my lifesaver. Hot beverages make you feel full, and green tea boosts your metabolism. I have one right when I wake up instead of breakfast, and I have another cup in the afternoon and another in the evening. It keeps your metabolism going all day. Now, I abhore tea, but I deal with it because it’s made a huge difference for me. I bought a flavored green tea, which doesn’t taste like much of anything but it got rid of the aftertaste. If you want to lose weight, use this tip!

15. Count to 100 before eating. I don’t do this one. I don’t have the motivation. But if you have to count to 100 before eating, your craving will either disappear or your laziness will take over.

16. Make a “reasons to lose weight” list. I plan to do this soon. You can add to it constantly to gain motivation and give yourself something to do.

17. Sit up straight and fidget to burn calories. Every calorie counts! Tap your feet and wiggle whenever you’re sitting. Sitting up straight does the same thing. Work those muscles and burn those calories!

18. Eat fruits, veggies, and fibre! I don’t approve of starving, so what I’ve found works is eating a salad. I make a lovely salad with different kinds of lettuce, peppers onions, lean meat (like tuna) and a yummy low-cal dressing. I adore it and I never get sick of it. Foods with fibre make you feel full, and fruits have lots of healthy vitamins and antioxidants in them. Now a couple of things – too much fruit isn’t good, so don’t be munching on it all day. And I can’t say this enough – potatoes and corn do NOT count as vegetables! They’re starch and fat and not worth your time. Don’t eat them.

19. Curl into a ball to relieve stomach pains. I haven’t had to use it, but apparently it works. Other ideas include smacking your stomach when it rumbles or taking an antacid. I’m not sure how well any of these work, but give them a try!

20. Think “yuck” instead of “yum.” This is a mind trick. If you think “yuck” when you see food, even if you don’t believe it, it’ll eventually sink in. Food is NOT your friend.

21. Don’t eat less than 3 hours before bed. What you eat before bed goes straight to your hips. You don’t burn much overnight, so drink green tea and deal with the hunger pains. You’ll thank yourself for it!

22. Exercise! This is the most obvious one out here. You need to be doing some weight training a few times a week, and some cardio every day. I have a fitness app that’s really helpful. Muscle burns calories, so get working!

23. Get comfy and steer clear of the kitchen. If you can make yourself super comfy, you won’t want to get up and get food. And if you’re not in the kitchen, you won’t be tempted. Time to live in your bedroom.

24. Snap an elastic on your wrist when you feel hungry. More mental training. If you snap an elastic on your wrist when you’re hungry, you’ll learn to not be hungry. I haven’t tried this, but if I start binge-ing I’ll have to.

25. Weigh yourself constantly. This can get addicting, so be careful. I find that on a good day, I’m two pounds higher at night than I am in the morning, and by the next morning I’m 3 pounds less. So morning 1 is x, evening 1 is x+2, morning 2 is x-1, evening 2 is x+1, morning 3 is x-2, evening 3 is x, and so on. I keep a rigorous track of my high and low weight, and fear of the scale helps keep me from overeating.

26. Make and add to thinspo pages. I need to do this more often. Inspire yourself! Keep them in a journal or online.

27. Learn to enjoy your hunger. Hunger means weight loss! Remind yourself that a rumbling tummy is a good thing. If you can learn to enjoy the hunger, the weight loss will be no problem for you.

28. Take multivitamins. This is an important one! You aren’t getting all the nutrients you need, so if you want to stay healthy, you need multivitamins. I have gummy bear vitamins and they’re divine! Kill a craving and get healthy at the same time.

29. Have an inspiration ring. Or necklace, or bracelet, or whatever. When you’re wearing it, you don’t cheat, period. If you need to cheat, take it off, and don’t destroy the sanctity of it. Remind yourself of your goals every time you look at it. 

30. Exercise when you wake up in the morning. I did this for awhile, and I need to start again. Your metabolism is sluggish in the morning, so it’s a great time to exercise. It’ll also help curb your hunger and get you out of bed. I find that I’m less motivated later on in the day, so this works great!

Well, there are my tips. I hope you find them a bit helpful. I’ve been losing weight well with them, and I’m going to continue to use them. Feel free to post any tips you use or find helpful.


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