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Thinspo – February 16th

Here’s some thinspo I’ve found from tumblr. I hope it’s inspiring for you guys! There we go. I’ll try and post thinspo more frequently. Have a good evening! – West Coast Girlfriend Advertisements

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Thinspo – February 1st

Here’s some more thinspiration for everyone out there, as well as my two favorite weight loss quotes. These are all off of the “thinspiration” tag on tumblr. If one of the images is yours and you’d like me to remove it, let me know. “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” “Hunger hurts but starvation … Continue reading

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Thinspo – January 13th

Here’s some thinspiration for myself and everyone out there. Occasionally I’ll add quotes here and there, as well as pictures and people who inspire me. Most of these images I’ve simply found on google, so feel free to contact me if an image is yours and you’d like me to take it down. “Nothing tastes … Continue reading

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