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More Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is just fabulous. I saw this video from after the Oscars and I just had to share it. She is phenomenal. I hope you guys enjoyed! – West Coast Girlfriend Advertisements

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The Fabulous Jennifer Lawrence

Wow. So I just watched the Silver Linings Playbook, and Jennifer Lawrence was absolutely¬†phenomenal. I adored her from the moment she came onscreen. Of course, I expected to, because I’m a huge Hunger Games fan. Now I haven’t seen a ton of her movies, but from what I’ve seen she’s incredibly talented. She’s also beautiful, … Continue reading

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Beautiful People

I absolutely adore looking at pictures of celebrities, whether they’re candids or from photoshoots. Although some famous people are pretty awful, many of them are inspiring, talented, and wonderfully attractive. Here are some of my favorites, out of my “celebrities” picture folder. Most of them are from tumblr. You’ll notice that some people (Nina, Selena, … Continue reading

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