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February 16th

Hey guys! I’m back once again. I was MIA for a few days because we had Valentine’s Day, where my family made me over-eat badly, and I was ashamed of having my weight go up on the scale. I’m back in business now though, and I was 211.6 this morning. I should be below 210 … Continue reading

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A Cry For Help

I’m freaking out right now. Completely, utterly freaking out. I had a tiny piece of cheese pizza earlier, which would have been fine if I hadn’t had a slice of quasedilla and then a freakingĀ ice cream bar. This diet thing isn’t working. I can’t stick to it. My whole self worth is completely tied into … Continue reading

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January 17th and 18th

I’m pretty satisfied today, because I am at 218 now, bringing my total to 14 pounds lost. Yesterday I didn’t eat much but I still exercised, which helped, I’m sure. I’m also planning on trying a new supplement that Doctor Oz recommends… garcinia cambogia, I think? It’s supposed to make a huge difference. If it … Continue reading

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