January 17th and 18th

I’m pretty satisfied today, because I am at 218 now, bringing my total to 14 pounds lost. Yesterday I didn’t eat much but I still exercised, which helped, I’m sure. I’m also planning on trying a new supplement that Doctor Oz recommends… garcinia cambogia, I think? It’s supposed to make a huge difference. If it doesn’t work, no big deal, because this is going fine, but it’s always nice to lose weight a little faster. Oh, and I answered the phone twice yesterday, which is impressive for me, since that’s one of the things that majorly stresses me out. Yay for improvement!

I’ve felt a little guilty about ignoring my friends the past week (losing weight is VERY time-consuming, yeesh) so I sent a mass text a few minutes ago to everyone. I’ll have a busy weekend of plans, but I miss them a ton, so I don’t mind. I’m having coffee with Biddy tomorrow morning and we’ll have to see what happens with Temple and AJ. I think I’m seeing a movie tonight with Temple and another friend who I am really sure dislikes me. Oh well. Apparently she’s excited that I’m going to be there.

The only issue now is that I was supposed to be doing schoolwork all weekend, since I have done nothing the past two days and I’m a week behind on my schedule. Uh-oh. I gave myself a few weeks of wiggle room at the end of the year, but I don’t want to let myself fall too far behind. It’s just been too much for me to deal with right now. Hopefully I’ll have motivation to catch up next week. I forgot how much I hate doing online school.

Well, not much has happened these past few days, so I don’t really have anything else to say, but I’ll most likely do a thinspiration page shortly. Have a super weekend!

– West Coast Girlfriend

p.s. One thing I forgot to mention… The Vampire Diaries! The first new episode in a month was on last night and it was tremendous! And I hear rumors that there’s going to be a spin-off called “The Originals.” Now THAT would be epic, although I completely detest Rebekah. AND Hayley. Hm, maybe I wouldn’t like the show after all. And Stefan was being such a baby in last night’s episode. Like seriously, try and be civil. I love you and Elena together, but you as a person? Well I’m starting to like you much less. I’m thinking we should ditch the Salvatores and Matt and Elena should be together again. He’s such a sweetheart. So there’s my little TVD rant. If anyone watches the show, let me know! I love to discuss.


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