We all have those days where we feel like starting fresh, turning over a new leaf, beginning again… and whether we’re kidding ourselves or not, it’s a fabulous feeling. We decide we want to get fit, be more outgoing, or move to an exotic place in the middle of nowhere, and we’re feeling divinely motivated. The unfortunate reality is that it never lasts. After the inspiring high of purpose comes the devastating low of defeat, and we realize that we won’t accomplish anything. Not can’t, but won’t. And that makes it even worse, because we know that we can accomplish our goals, but we’re in a rut and the motivation just doesn’t last.

That’s what I want… what I really want. There is nothing I desire more in my life than divine motivation to change. And this is where I will record my journey. I will let you all into my mind – my crazy mind filled with thoughts and ideas and excuses and stupidity and hopes and dreams and opinions. My goal is to inspire and to be inspired. In the words of Michael Jackson, “if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.” I’m the West Coast Girlfriend, and my journey starts right now.


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